Xbox One No Longer Available for Purchase

Now that Microsoft started taking pre-orders for its new next-gen gaming console, Xbox One is no longer available for purchase. The only consoles that are still available for purchase are Xbox One S and the powerful Xbox One X. Furthermore, Microsoft’s official US and UK websites have listed Xbox One as “sold out”. On the bright side though, the new Xbox One X is capable of doing so much more than Xbox One ever could.

Xbox One X

This console is being marketed as “the most powerful console ever built” and Microsoft isn’t lying at all. Xbox One X features 6 teraflops of processing power which give it the ability to run games at native 4K resolution. Moreover, third party game companies announced that Xbox One X is so powerful that they will be developing exclusive titles that will highlight the console’s true power. However, Xbox One X can still run every Xbox One title without any problems.

Huge Discount

Microsoft’s new console has been priced at $499 and while this might sound a little too expensive, Xbox fans should know that they can get a huge discount on it. Interested customers can turn in their older Xbox One and receive a $100 discount while customers who turn in an Xbox One S will receive an even bigger $200 discount.

“Fastest-Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever”

The reason why Microsoft didn’t hesitate to stop selling any more Xbox One units is because the new console is making record sales. People have only been able to pre-order Xbox One X for a couple of days now and Microsoft announces that they already sold thousands of units. We can be sure that Xbox One X will keep on making record sales, especially since it offers so much more than any other console that’s available on the market does.

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