Windows 8 To Have An App Store

We already know a few things about Windows 8. For instance, we know that it will be a one size fits all OS that will cater to the mobile device as well as desktops and notebooks. Now we have some more news regarding its nitty gritty details. A recent post from the Microsoft blog has indicated that the next iteration of the world’s most popular and widely used OS will have an app store.

The post on the blog, which you can read here, has the Windows Live Division President, Steven Sinofsky, introducing the Windows 8 development team. Sinofsky lists in detail all the teams, one of which is the app store team. Not enough evidence? Sample this then. He ALSO lists other teams such as app compatibility, device compatibility, applications and media experience, and app experience. I don’t know about you guys, but that pretty much nails it for us.

So Windows will be venturing into an area where other OSes such as Mac OS X and Ubuntu have already made their mark. Apart from the addressing the competition, there is something else to think about. Taking the example of Apple, where it has separate app stores for its mobile OS, within which itself it segregates among iPod/iPhone and iPad, and desktop and notebook OS, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft implements its app store, which will have to similarly cater to mobile devices (both phones and tablets) as well as desktops and notebooks. Will it take the segregated approach like Apple, or follow a one size fits all approach, wherein it will rely on its developer community to adjust apps for allow for universal compatibility? Either way, stay tuned to Gigjets as we bring you the latest.


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