Tokyoflash Kisai Blade is a watch inspired by aviation, priced at $159

Tokyoflash has recently unveiled a new and unique watch which they have created from the Kisai Blade, it sports a turbine style LED watch design.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Blade design has been inspired by aviation and automotive themes and features a custom made turbine-style lens beneath which digital LEDs rotate like a propeller to display the current time.

This Tokyoflash watch is available in a range of colors and comes with a choice of stainless steel and leather straps. The Kisai Blade watch has two time modes, date mode, alarm, light-up animation and is rechargeable via USB, with full charge taking 3.5 hours and provides power for around a month.

“In turning mode, the LED blades spin around the face highlighting three blades in turn which indicate the hour and minutes. It’s super easy to follow if you imagine the blades as numbers on a clock.

In flashing mode, the LED blades show hours and minutes instantly. The lit blade indicates the hour, the flashing blade indicates 5 minute groups and four dots indicate exact minutes 1-4.”

The Tokyoflash Kisai Blade watch is available for purchase for $159 and as a limited time promotional offer one can grab it for $139.


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