The Entire World Should Run On Clean and Renewable Energy

Many people were skeptical when it came to clean renewable energy in the past but things have changed a lot now. Seeing how much fossil fuel energy is affecting the environment, people started being more open-minded towards renewable energy and this is a great thing. Things get even better because the government is offering great deals for people who want to mount solar panels over their house.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Today we will go over the importance of clean and renewable energy just in case there is someone that’s still wondering why every country in the world should switch to it instead of using fossil fuel energy. First and foremost, we need to do our best and save the planet from ourselves. Fuel drilling is ruining the environment around us and while this might not be such a bad thing for the planet, it is ruining animal lives. It seems like every other day we hear on the news that some oil company spilled toxic waste into a lake or ocean thus ruining any form of life in that water.

On the other hand, we have clean and renewable energy which doesn’t affect any form of life and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere at all. There are many ways in which people can start using electric power but some of the best methods are windmills, solar panels and even from water streams.

Fuel Economy

Obviously protecting our environment is one of the best things about using clean energy but there is also one major benefit to that and we’ll go over it right now. Different surveys are showing that the federal fuel economy standard was drastically changed after the introduction of clean energy. The fuel economy in 2016 grew by up to 24% which translates to 25.6 miles per gallon in comparison with 2007 and this is quite amazing.

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