Tesla Model S 100D

As many of you might already know, Tesla is making history in the automobile world. The all-electric car company managed to break record sales a couple of days ago when it unveiled the new Model 3 sedan because Tesla already received over 500,000 pre-orders. This number of pre-orders is so outstanding that Tesla doesn’t even have the ability to produce so many vehicles until 2017 ends. Therefore, many people will have to wait until 2018 before they can their hands on Tesla’s new Model 3.

Major Issue

The future is here and electric cars can outperform most gas or diesel vehicles when it comes to comfort and speed but there’s a downside to them. The only issue with electric cars is that their mileage is not that great. In fact, there are many Tesla car owners who keep complaining that their cars shut down after a hundred miles and that Tesla needs to design newer and better batteries in order to keep its customers happy.

New Record Charge

Fortunately, Tesla is paying close attention to the customer feedback it’s receiving and is not overlooking the mileage issue. The reason I am saying this is because Tesla recently announced that it managed to set a new mileage record charge. This record was made by Tesla’s Model S 100D model in Italy and the car was able to run for 1078 km/669.83 miles in only one single charge.


While Model S 100D’s mileage might sound like an amazing feat, readers need to take in consideration that this record was made possible only because of hypermiling. This means that Tesla’s Model S 100D was driven at a speed of 23 miles an hour for 29 hours. Moreover, the car used 98.4 kWh in order to run for 670 miles. This is quite amazing since it basically doubles the range efficiency of a normal Model S.

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