Tesla Model 3 Brings the Concept of Auto-Driving Into Perspective More

When you talk about innovative vehicles you can’t have a conversation without at least mentioning Elon Musk and his very ambitious Tesla project. Tesla has not been an obscure, elitist brand for a long time now, as more and more people charge the Tesla stores to buy one of Musk’s future cars for themselves. The models that have come out so far definitely promise a lot both for the present and for the future.

The newest chapter of that journey unfolded recently with the launch party for the company’s most ambitious project so far. The Model 3 vehicle has been released towards the excitement of the public and the self-driving car enthusiasts from all over the world. However, the launch did more than just reveal at Tesla’s latest car, but also made people think really hard about the future of vehicles in general and the state of autopilot for consumer grade cars.

Average consumer grade vehicle

Tesla has been, as mentioned approached more and more by people from all social statuses which means that it is no longer an elitist car. However, the previous models continue to be rather expensive which means that while they’re not absurdly expensive, they have the cost of a top, premium car.

The new Model 3 is targeting the average consumer grade as it will only cost around $35.000. Sure, that might not be the kind of number you want to put “only” in front of, but it’s still extremely reasonable when you take into account that you’re buying a Tesla, a car brand and philosophy that just a couple of years before you weren’t able to even touch.

Performance above all

When it comes to how well the model fares in comparison to previous efforts, fans should be pleased. The car is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in no more than 5.6 seconds, which means that you can get the notorious Tesla startup experience. More than that, you can travel a total of approximately 215 miles before having to stop at a charge station.

Reconfigured autopilot solution

Tesla fans have banked on the promise of a driverless car but the first signs of trouble with keeping that problems came earlier when Mobileye, the company that provided Tesla with the camera sensor hardware for their driverless capabilities split. The two companies parted ways and that wasn’t the best thing for Tesla which struggled quite a bit to regain form. Elon Musk’s driverless model is apparently back to its true form, or at least according to what the company has been claiming.


It would seem that Tesla managed to cram all its key components and capabilities in a regular consumer vehicle solution, while keeping the price at an affordable and reasonable level. However, while all these things are possible at the moment, the truth is that you should only get Model 3 if you are its target audience. If money isn’t a problem, then the superior Model S or Model X are still what you want to go for.

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