Sony will announced PlayStation 4 “release plans” at Gamescom

It has been revealed that Sony will be announcing the “release plans” for the PlayStation 4 during their Gamescom press event which is scheduled for August 20. Hopefully, we will finally know when the console will arrive in India.

Sony has previously mentioned that they play to launch the PS4 in India soon after its international launch, but has failed to reveal specific dates. Microsoft recently announced their “release plans” for the Xbox One, but India was let out from the first roll out and this console is expected to arrive next year.

At the Gamescom Sony press conference in Germany the company will also unveil some unannounced games, and the has revealed a certain detail which says,

“We’ll kick off the show at 18:00 BST on 20 August 2013 with a briefing to media on our release plans for PlayStation 4, as well as updates on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.”

Along with the new announcement of the “release plans” we wonder what Sony has planned for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

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