Sims 4 Xbox One and PS4 Edition to Come Out on November 17th

EA is the company behind some of the most popular game franchises ever made and this includes Sims as well. Right now, there are three installments in the Sims franchise and the fourth one is on its way. According to EA, PS4 and Xbox One players should start putting some money aside because Sims 4 is going to arrive on their platform in November. Unfortunately, EA didn’t disclose any news regarding the Nintendo Switch Sims 4 edition.

Sims Franchise

Even though the Sims franchise is considered as being very popular, it still had its fair share of ups and downs along the way. During the previous year, EA announced that it wants to stop being involved with Sims if the third installment doesn’t make enough money. This angered the entire gaming community but this didn’t matter to EA at all since this the company is looking to make profits after all.

Sims 4

Fortunately, the developers behind Sims 3 managed to create some awesome paid DLCs which raised the game’s popularity once again thus making money for EA. Therefore, this is the reason why EA decided to green light the fourth installment. Furthermore, the game is also going to available on PC but it will come out at a later date than PS4 and Xbox One. Things get even better for console players since EA announced that the PS4 and Xbox One edition of Sims 4 will include additional features.

November 17th

The game will officially be available for purchase on November 17th and the standard edition will be priced at $49.99 while the Deluxe Party edition will cost $59.99. Worth mentioning is that the price is relatively low in comparison with other Sims installments and that Nintendo Switch players will probably receive the game at the same time with PC owners.

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