Samsung Sells 20 Million Galaxy S8 and Clears its Name

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the tech industry but this doesn’t mean that Samsung is flawless. Last year, the South Korean tech giant launched the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7 and while the smartphone’s hardware performance and features were impressive, it still shipped with a major malfunction issue which forced Samsung to recall all sold devices and to offer refunds in return.

Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

According rumors and speculations, Samsung hurried to launch Galaxy Note 7 in order to keep with Apple and this caused it to overlook one major malfunction. The smartphone was equipped with a bugged battery that overcharged and exploded. This caused many problems for Samsung and airports were forced to ban the smartphone.

This Galaxy Note 7 fiasco tainted the company’s name and many people started to think that Samsung might not be able to recover. Customers lost trust in the Samsung brand and the South Korean tech giant had to do everything in its power to make a comeback. Well, this is where Galaxy S8 comes in.

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 is the company’s flagship and it represents the best that it has to offer in terms of smartphones. The smartphone was launched a couple of months ago and despite popular belief, it brought Samsung back on its feet. In order to get an idea of just how popular and successful Galaxy S8 is, you should know that Samsung received over 1 million pre-orders months before it was launched.

Now that a couple of months have passed, Samsung decided to announce that it managed to sell over 20 million units. This number is incredible and it proves to everyone just how successful Samsung products can be. Furthermore, we can be sure that Samsung is never going to hurry when it comes to testing devices and avoid any other issues.

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