Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Ship with In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Keeping important information away from media’s eyes is basically impossible in the smartphone world. Every major tech company is doing its best in order to stop employees from leaking out information but nothing seems to work. This is what’s happening with Samsung right now because even though Galaxy Note 8 is still months away from being launched, someone already managed to get information about next year’s Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9

The information that I am about to disclose is provided by KGI, who is the original leakster. The most important feature that KGI unveiled about Galaxy Note 9 is that it will ship with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This is quite amazing since everybody expected Galaxy S8 to ship with this feature but Samsung failed to meet demands.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

The only downside of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship is that it ships with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor instead of an in-display one. This angered fans but Samsung stated that it just didn’t have the necessary technology to make this happen. Considering that the fingerprint sensor plays a major role in any smartphone’s security, it is quite understandable why Samsung didn’t want to take a risk with it.

Fortunately, it looks like Samsung finally figured out how to embed a fingerprint sensor beneath the display and we will get to enjoy this feature during the upcoming year. Moreover, we can be sure that Galaxy S9 will also be equipped with this awesome feature.

Egis Sensors

Another interesting thing that we can notice from KGI’s leaked document is that Samsung wants to use Egis sensors instead of the traditional Synaptics technology. The reason why Samsung is doing this has not been disclosed but speculations are pointing out that Egis sensors are relatively cheap and this might be what’s driving Samsung to use them. Nonetheless, everything we know right now is based on rumors and it is subjective to change in the future.

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