Revamped Google Earth Finally Comes to iOS

While Google Maps has always enjoyed a steady stream of appreciation among its users, Google Earth certainly hasn’t had the same star treatment. In fact, back in the day when Earth used to be a hot mess, people were more than unwilling to use it for any purpose whatsoever. The only time it ever got used as far as I can tell is whenever schoolchildren had to use the library computer for research on geography-related topics and whatnot.

However, Google has been working long and hard on revamping Google Earth for the last two years, and that entire struggle finally paid off this April, when the finished product saw the light of day. Ever since Google Earth was re-released in its improved version, people appreciated it way more than before. And the new Google Earth is praiseworthy indeed, because it combines leisure with education in the best way possible and with the most modern and crisp tools available for such a platform.

However, there was a major flaw in Google’s plan for Google Earth. It only came on Android as far as mobile platforms are concerned. Although this isn’t news (Google always launches its products for Android exclusively first), iOS users have been missing out on the refreshed Google Earth for months now. But alas, the wait is over, and now Google Earth will be available on iOS as well. So if you own an iPhone or iPad, go get Google Earth and get to exploring.

Google Earth’s most amazing features include 360-degree videos complete with adjacent Street View imagery, as well as information cards for the most popular places on our planet. Needless to say, Apple does not provide iOS users with anything of the sort, so we’re glad to see Google Earth transitioning towards them.

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