PS4 Receives Major System 5.0 Beta Version Update Which Contains Many Awesome Features

PS4 owners who are enlisted in Sony’s Beta program should be happy to know that a major update is coming their way. The software update brings PS4’s system to version 5.0 and it includes a bunch of new features which enhance the console’s user experience. Nonetheless, the update is being rolled out OTA (over the air) right now and PS4 owners are encouraged to download it as soon as possible.

New Features

First off, the most important feature that’s included in the PS4 5.0 system software update is the new family management system. The new feature has been especially designed to make it easier for adults and guardians to set up PlayStation Network accounts for their kids. This is quite important since it gives adults the ability to customize the parental control settings and choose the type of content that’s available for their kids.

Custom Friends Lists

Another great feature that comes alongside the 5.0 system software update gives players the ability to create custom friends lists. This means that PS4 players will be able to create a list that’s specific for their Destiny 2 teammates as an example. According to Sony, this feature was created with one purpose in mind and that’s to make it easier for PS4 players to send out raid invites without being forced to scroll through their friends list.

PS4 Pro 1080 60FPS Broadcasting

Live streaming is one of the most popular entertainment platforms right now and Sony knows that too well. This is why Sony wants to capitalize on PS4 Pro’s capabilities and will allow players to broadcast live in full HD 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second. Moreover, streamers will also be able to pin their community to the broadcast with one simple tap. Things get even better for streamers since a new setting makes it possible for them to read spectators comments while they are in VR mode.

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