Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Video Teaser Reveals Major Game Changes

We have some great news for Pokemon fans! Nintendo has just released a new and exciting trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These upcoming installments are the alternatives versions of last year’s games and they look amazing. The new trailer is basically a teaser since it is quite short. Despite its short length, the teaser still shows us some of the new features that players will get to see in the Alola region.

Game Changes

One of the biggest changes that we can notice in the short teaser is how cool the new avatars look. Furthermore, the teaser also highlights Dusk Form Lycanroc, who is the final form of the wolf Pokemon. Only special Rockruff is capable of evolving into Dusk Form Lycanrock. However, everyone who purchases the game before January 10th will be rewarded with a free Rockruff in an upcoming DLC.

Alola Region

The most important feature that Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon game will bring is the new version of Alola. Right from the start players will be able to notice that the map of Alola is really different from what they were used to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nintendo confirmed that the new parts of this region will feature a bunch of never seen before buildings and landscapes. Furthermore, the sky will be filled with “ominous clouds”.

Secrets of Alola

While the new game changes that are highlighted in the video teaser are amazing, what really grabbed everyone’s attention is the following statement “new secrets of Alola region will be revealed”. Numerous Pokemon experts believe that Nintendo wants to unveil the mysterious Pokemon known as “Ultra Beast Necrozma”. However, we can be sure that Nintendo will also include a bunch of other “undisclosed in previous games” Pokemons. Nonetheless, the game officially comes out on November 17th and that’s when will get to find out all the important information about it.

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