Pokemon Players Need to Get Ready to Face Mewtwo and Zapdos

Pokemon Go fans should be happy to know that they are going to be able to catch a bunch of Legendary pocket monsters during the upcoming days. The mobile game is being invaded by Legendary Pokemon such as Lugia and Articuno right now. These are powerful Raid Bosses who can’t be defeated alone which means that players need to gather up in parties and take them on as a group.

Even though Lugica and Articuno are two of the most awesome Legendary Pokemon in the game, Niantic Labs announced that it wants to include a couple more of them before summer ends. Niantic Labs stated that all six Legendary Pokemon will make an appearance during this month. Today we will take a look at two of these upcoming Legendary Pokemon.


This Pokemon doesn’t need an introduction because everyone who watched the animated series knows who he is. Mewtwo used to be known as the original “end boss” of the Red and Blue edition of Pokemon. The only way that Red and Blue players could get a chance to catch Mewtwo was if they defeated the entire Kanto region. Furthermore, players need to be careful around Mewtwo since he has the strongest Attack stat in entire Poke Dex.


Zapdos is the only Legendary Pokemon that has a launch date and that is August 7th. Although, East Coast players should keep in mind that they will only get access to Zapdos somewhere around August 8th. Nonetheless, Zapdos is an electric/flying type and is considered as being one of the strongest Legendary Pokemon of them all. Players are surely going to enjoy the fact that defeating Zapdos is a challenge because this makes it seem more like an “end boss”. However, wise players know that defeating Zapdos becomes a much easier task when they use Golem because he is Zapdo’s biggest counter.

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