Pokemon Go Upcoming “Raid Based” Events Will Feature Awesome Boosts and Rewards

Pokemon Go is one of the biggest mobile games in the industry and the reason why Niantic Labs manages to keep it relevant is by holding different “events” such as Fire and Ice and the Winter Festival among others. However, these past few months have not been filled with events since Niantic Labs is focusing on different things such as the introduction of Legendary Pokemon like Zapdos and Mewtwo.

Leaving the Legendary Pokemon aside, Niantic Labs is surely going to start launching different events during the upcoming future which will include different bonuses. Today we’re going to take a look at what we can expect from Niantic Lab’s upcoming “raid-based” special events and see if they’re worth waiting for.

Enhanced Player Damage

Niantic Labs has abstained itself from increasing player damage in gym battles but players have been asking for this boost for a while now and Niantic Labs might actually consider doing it. Just as an example, if player damage gets boosted by 50 or 100%, raids will be more fun and they won’t require so many people.

Double Rewards

Rewards are the most sought-after things in Pokemon Go and no one should be surprised to find out that Niantic Labs wants to double them. Players will more than likely be able to enjoy double XP or double rare candy raid rewards. Furthermore, doubling the rewards will also make players more interested in raids.

Daily Raid Passes

The way in which Niantic Labs makes profits out of raids is by selling raid passes. Even though this is quite obvious, I needed to mention it in order to give readers an idea of why Niantic Labs might consider introducing two daily raid passes. Niantic Labs is a company that’s looking to make profits and doubling the amount of free raid passes will actually increase their sales because players would want to raid even more than often.

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