Pokemon Go Europe Events Cancelled After Chicago Fiasco

Pokemon Go is certainly one of the most popular mobile games in the world. In fact, when this game first came out it had the entire world running on streets and trying to catch Pokemon. However, the game’s popularity soon started dropping and Niantic Labs was forced to find a way to get back to the top. The way in which Niantic Labs managed to keep Pokemon Go relevant after so many months is by creating and hosting awesome events.

Chicago Disaster

The last event hosted by Niantic Labs took place in Chicago and it was a complete disaster! Many Pokemon Go fans gathered in Chicago during the event but they couldn’t even log in to their accounts. What happened is that Niantic Labs didn’t take in consideration cellular data congestion and server issues which didn’t allowed players to get in the game.

Pokemon Go fans were so angry with Niantic Labs that when the company’s CEO, John Hanke, went on stage they started booing him. Seeing how angry fans were, John Hanke announced that they will receive ticket refunds and $100 worth of in-game coins. However, this wasn’t enough for players since they also payed travel costs and some of them even went to the lengths of suing Niantic Labs.

Cancelled Events

Niantic Labs is scheduled to hold two sets of events which will be located in Copenhagen and Prague on August 5th and in Stockholm and Amsterdam on August 12th but this is not going to happen anymore. Niantic Labs wants to avoid another disaster and simply cancelled all of its upcoming events. While fans might be angered with this decision, no one can blame Niantic labs for not trusting cellular network coverage especially when considering what happened to them in Chicago. In addition, Niantic Labs announced that some rare Pokemons will appear in Europe as a means of compensating for canceling those events.

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