PlayStation Plus Might Merge with PlayStation Now

According to rumors and speculations, PlayStation fans should be getting ready to see a major change in how the PS Plus subscription works. The entire world has been noticing how Sony is slowly but surely increasing its prices for PS Plus in Europe and no one really knows why. Many people believe that Sony is charging extra money because it wants to improve the server network and service quality. However, this might not be the case since Sony’s actions are actually hinting towards giving PS Plus subscribers access to PlayStation Now’s game streaming service.


One of the most interesting things that Sony has been doing lately is investing a ton of money on advertisement. European residents are reporting that they’re seeing PS Now and PS Plus together on ads everywhere they go. This is something totally uncharacteristic of Sony and while it might seem like Sony is just doing a bit of cross-promotion, it probably is something totally different.


Even though everything we know right now is based on rumors and speculations, there is some good evidence behind this theory. Sony is getting ready to launch the major PS4 firmware update 5.0 which is expected to bring a bunch of innovative features and the new PS Plus service might be one of them.

Industry Insider

The industry insider known as “Tidux” has been claiming that PS Now will definitely come together with PS Plus for a while now. What’s interesting though is that Tidux is saying that PS Plus will offer 2 PS4 games, 2 PS Now and 2 Movies every month. If this proves to be true, PS4 fans will benefit from so many more advantages than Microsoft’s Xbox Live members do.

Sony officials were questioned about this theory but they all declined to answer which proves that they have something to hide. Nonetheless, PS4’s firmware 5.0 update is slated to come out on August 31st and that’s when we will find out the truth.

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