Overwatch Players are Terrified by New Mercy Rework

Blizzard surprised the entire Overwatch community when it announced that Mercy has been completely reworked. No one was expecting this, especially since Mercy is seen as a straightforward healer that’s known only as a support. The new Mercy is still a healer but there’s a difference, Mercy can also do damage now. The rework transformed Mercy from a doctor into a Valkyrie that shoots super-powered bullets which terrify her enemies.

Valkyrie Mercy

As previously mentioned, the old Mercy is known for being a straightforward healer. In fact, Mercy is the “go-to” healer for many new players since her skills are so one dimensional. Well, things are different now that Mercy’s ultimate has been changed to make her shoot with super-powered bullets instead of resurrecting teammates. While this might take some time to get used to it, it’s a great ultimate since Mercy players will be able to help their team with more than heals and resurrections.

“Heroes Never Die”

Every Overwatch champion has a catchphrase that fits its skillset and Mercy’s slogan is “Heroes never die”. Well, Overwatch players should be happy to know that Mercy’s catchphrase is still applicable since she is still able to resurrect players. The difference is that this is a single-target, secondary skill and not an ultimate anymore.

Champion Reworks

While some fans might be upset at Blizzard for putting Mercy under a complete rework, this is actually good news. This means that Blizzard is doing the same thing that Riot Games is doing with League of Legends. Riot Games has made it a tradition to regularly rework a champion every few months in order to make the game feel new and fresh. Furthermore, Blizzard will also not be pressured to introduce new champions every update because it can simply rework an older one instead. All in all, no one can deny that the new Mercy is not fun to play.

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