Our Chances of Avoiding Global Warming Are too Small

Unfortunately for us, global warming is a very real and actual threat. In spite of what the current political class might tell you (we all know who I’m talking about), our planet is indeed in danger. Global warming isn’t just a conspiracy created by the Chinese to distract Americans while they steal their economy or something. It’s real, it’s here and it’s getting worse. Fortunately for us, we still have a chance thanks to the many lovely and responsible citizens that want to stop global warming in its tracks as soon as possible.

However, we’re still mostly chill about the whole thing and we’re always counting on everyone eventually doing something to save the world. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. The world won’t end so soon, will it? Well, it just might. Although we’ve got all these plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stop pollution and clean up our act overall, they’re not enough. Even if we act on them promptly, they won’t be enough. Nothing will be enough actually. How do we know this?

Chances of Recovery Are too Low

Well, some recent studies in this direction actually demonstrated that at the time being, we only have a 5% chance of ever reverting global warming at least for a bit. That’s 5% percent chances, yes. If this incredibly low number terrifies you in this context, you’ve got the right reaction to it all. Bluntly put, our planet will soon turn into what Al Gore warned us about more than a decade ago.

If we don’t take some drastic measures right now, our chances of survival as a species on this planet will diminish with each passing day. The planet will most likely begin to heal itself after we’re gone, which might just be for the best.

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