Nintendo Switch: Top Three Most Anticipated Indie Games

Nintendo Switch has been out for a couple of months now and even though the console is selling rather well, there’s still a downside to buying it. Because the portable console is so young, there aren’t that many games people can play on it. However, things are about to change now that Nintendo unveiled a bunch of indie game or “Nindies” as the company likes to call them. Without any further ado, here are the three most anticipated Nintendo Switch games.

Super Meat Boy

The first game that Nintendo unveiled is Super Meat Boy’s sequel. This is a fun, adventure-driven game that allows players to punch their enemies which results in a great time. Furthermore, the game’s story plot revolves around finding Dr. Fetus who kidnapped Meat Boy’s baby girl, Nugget.

Shovel Knight

This game is great for Nintendo Switch owners who love to get a feel of nostalgia. The reason why we are saying this is because Shovel Knight uses 8-bit graphics. However, the most exciting thing about this game is that it brings a little more backstory to the protagonist. In addition, Shovel Knight will feature a digital card game mode which will arrive as a free expansion for people who own a copy of Treasure Trove.

Morphie’s Law

It seems like company who made this game loves the animated series Attack on Titan. Morphie’s Law is a 3D shooter which puts players against huge titan monsters that need to be defeated. Moreover, just like Attack on Titan, Moprhie’s Law lets players shoot the limbs of any monster. In order to give some more insight about the game, an official developer stated the following: “Each weapon hit transfers mass form the victim’s inflicted limb to the corresponding limb of the wielder of the weapon.” This is great news since it means skilled players will become taller and easier to shoot.

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