Nintendo Switch Overtakes Xbox One and PS4 as a Best-Seller During July

Traditionally, the console market used to be ruled by Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. Well, now that a couple of months have passed since Nintendo launched its hybrid Switch console, things have changed. The NPD Group released its report for July 2017 and it clearly shows that Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console of that month. However, we need to mention that this NDP Group report only refers to sales in the US and not in the rest of the world.

Nintendo Switch is a Different Beast

While Microsoft and Sony keep on competing against each other in a battle of hardware specs, Nintendo decided to take a different route and design something extraordinary. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console which means that it can be docked to a TV or used as a mobile gaming platform.

Exclusive Titles

The reason why gamers usually pick a side in this console battle is because of exclusive titles. As an example, Xbox One has Gears of War while PS4 has the Uncharted series. This is where Nintendo shines once again because it’s bundled with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The aforementioned game is a revamp of the classic Legend of Zelda series and the best things about it from a business point of view is that it appeals to all age demographics.

Hardware Sales

According to the NDP Group report, Nintendo Switch sales for July 2017 in the US amount up to $182 million. This is quite impressive since its 29 percent more than the previous month. From the looks of it, Nintendo made the right decision to launch a hybrid console and to not compete head on against Xbox One and PS4 in terms of graphics and hardware power. Although, this doesn’t mean that Nintendo Switch is a weak console at all.

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