Nexus 6P is Scheduled to Recieve August Security Patch

One of the biggest advantages that owning a Nexus 6P brings is that Google is directly in charge of it which means that Nexus 6P is among the first smartphones which receive all of Google’s latest operating system updates. In fact, this is actually the reason why we are talking about Nexus 6P today. Nexus 6P owners should be happy to know that Google’s August Android security bulletin is coming their way.

August Security Patch

This incremental operating system update is going to be rolled out under the build number “N2G48C” and it will be available for download starting Thursday (August 3rd). As it is the case with all of Google’s security updates, Nexus 6P owners will be able to receive it OTA (over-the-air) and they can either wait for the notification to pop up or check for the update themselves in the smartphone’s Settings panel.

Small in Size

Worth mentioning is that this security update is going to be released systematically which means that only 10,000 Nexus 6P smartphones will be eligible to download it every day. These 10,000 are randomly chosen and the only reason Google is doing this is in order to improve download speeds and to avoid issues at the same time. Nonetheless, the update is rather small weighing in at 36MB. Even though this security patch is only 36MB, it’s still important and Nexus 6P owners are advised to download it as soon as possible.

Android User Security

Furthermore, it’s great seeing that Google pays such a high price on user security, especially when the internet is filled with malware and hackers around every “corner”. Although, no one should be surprised by this update since Google has basically made it a tradition to enhance Android’s security with monthly patches that take care of security breaches and exploits.

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