New Hydro H70 CPU Cooler from Corsair

Corsair has announced a new Hydro series CPU cooler called the Hydro H70. It is a self-contained liquid cooling unit which can go along with Intel as well as AMD processors. It has some new upgrades over its predecessor Hydro H50 and is a really good option if you are building a high performance PC.

The new H70 model has a double thickness 50mm radiator with high capacity heat exchanger. It also has a pair of 120mm speed adjustable speed fans in a push/pull configuration. The H70 comes prefilled so if you are planning to purchase it you simply need to install it in your computer and you are good to go.

This CPU Cooler is very efficient and comes with all the required accessories and mounting tabs. It is priced at Rs. 6,300 in the Indian Market.

Source: Tech2

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