New All-Electric Nissan Leaf Model Leaked Online by Factory Worker

The most talked about news in the automobile industry is that Tesla is getting ready to start mass producing its new Model 3 sedan. The entire world is going crazy about it and Tesla has announced that more than 500,000 people have already put in a deposit for it. Seeing this, other automobile companies started thinking that they need to start meddling with electric cars as well and Nissan is one of those companies.

Nissan Leaf Leak

The reason we are talking about Nissan today is because one of its factory workers discovered that Nissan is working on a new all-electric called that’s known as Leaf. The factory worker quickly took a picture and uploaded it on Twitter which caused the media to go crazy. No one was expecting Nissan to be working on a “Tesla killer” and now everyone in the automobile industry is talking about Leaf.

Ordinary Looking Design

Unfortunately, the feedback to this leaked picture is not very good. What’s causing this upset is the fact that Leaf doesn’t look as futuristic as Tesla’s cars do. In fact, one Twitter user wrote the following to Nissan: “Why would you make that so ordinary?”. The reason why Nissan fans are so upset with Leaf is because they were expecting something more innovative looking such as the Micra and Note cars.

Brand Recognition

Nonetheless, Leaf is still one of the bestselling all-electric cars ever made and this is probably why Nissan decided to stick with this design. Leaf’s brand name is already world-wide recognizable and Nissan doesn’t have to spend any additional money on marketing campaigns.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Even though we might not have a lot of information regarding Nissan’s upcoming electric car, we do know that it will be equipped with the most advanced driver assistance system that Nissan has ever made. This system is what makes some people believe that Leaf is going to give Tesla some serious competition. All in all, the car will be officially unveiled on September 6th, 2017 according to a Nissan spokesperson.

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