Moto Z2 Force vs. LG G6 – The Clear Difference

If you’re the kind of person that keeps up with tech news, then you already know that Motorola launched a brand new smartphone, namely the Moto Z2 Force. The Moto Z2 Force is certainly up there in price, costing about 750 dollars, but if it’s a good piece of tech, then it should be worth it. The success of iPhones is telling enough of the fact that people are used to spending a pretty penny on a device with a spicier price tag as long as it’s an amazing device.

Seeing as the Moto Z2 Force is a pretty good smartphone, we just had to see how it compares to other newer smartphones with a similar design and which cater to a similar segment of the market. So let’s compare the Moto Z2 Force with the LG G6 and see what sets them apart.

The Clear Difference

Although the LG G6 is considerably cheaper than the Moto Z2 Force (about 100 dollars cheaper to be more exact), that’s not what sets the two phones apart. It needs to be noted that both the Moto Z2 Force and LG  G6 have pretty much the same specs and are built in pretty much the same way, except for one key element that makes everything come together: the chipset. And the Moto Z2 Force has the advantage here.

The Moto Z2 Force is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which you know is the one that makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus tick, as well as the OnePlus 5, the HTC U11 and a couple other newer or upcoming launches. The LG G6 has the slightly older 821 model from the same manufacturer, so now you may understand why it’s also a bit more affordable.

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