Monster Hunter World Teaser Highlights New “Wildspire Spread” Region

We have some great news for Capcom fans! The game developer just released a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter World which showcases the new Wildspire Waste map region. This new region is quite different from the previously highlighted Ancient Forest area and this is great, since world exploration plays a major in role video games. From the looks of it, Monster Hunter World is going to live up to the hype and gamers will get to play an amazing game.

Wildspire Waste

As its name implies, this map region is an arid canyon that’s filled with swamplands and caves. This is a harsh environment which means that the region’s ecosystem holds some of the fiercest monsters in the game. Capcom actually announced that Wildspire Waste will be the home to a bunch of exotic monsters such as Kulu-Ya-Ku. This bird-like monster needs to be hunted down since it has a bad habit of entering other monster’s nests and stealing their eggs.

Monster Hunter World

This will be the first game in the Monster Hunter franchise that’s playable on console systems. In fact, Xbox One and PS4 players will actually get to purchase the game months before PC players do. However, anxious fans should be happy to know that they can test the demo version of the game during the upcoming Gamescom expo that’s going to take place next week in Germany. Moreover, the official game demo will be available for download starting September 1.

14 Different Weapon Classes

One of the things that makes the Monster Hunter game franchise so successful is the fact that it gives players the opportunity to play it whichever way they want. The game features 14 different weapon classes starting with huge two-handed swords and ending with sniper rifles. The coolest thing about these weapons though is that they can be made from monster teeth, claws and so on.

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