Model 3 vs. Model S – Most Popular Game Changer

The famous American automaker and solar panel manufacturer Tesla has become famous thanks to its 2012 Model S vehicle. Model S is a luxury sedan and so far it was the best selling electric car.

Model 3 a game changer

A recent survey performed by Tesla owners shows that Model 3 will most likely interfere in the sales of the luxury sedan Model S. 30 % or even more of the current owners of Tesla cars has reservations for the Model 3. This data has been send by Toni Sacconaghi a Bernstein analyst and from those reservations, 70 % of them will likely be honored.

According to Sacconaghi, there are other two data showing that Model 3 is a serious competitor for models S and X. This could imply that the demand for Model S and Model X cars will decrease with the apparition of Model 3.

Model 3 plug-in electric cars

A survey carried in July among Tesla owners (286 of them) from different countries and regions showed that they are likely to purchase a new Tesla car (30% of owners). The price of the Model 3 will vary, starting from a base price and going up depending on extra features. The base price of 35,000$ can be raised by 9,000$ for extra miles (310-mile range, rather than 220 miles).

Compared to Model 3, Model S offers 240 miles range and it starts at 70,000$. However, the luxury sedan has other features to attract its customers. Clearly, the two models will compete with each other and the future is unclear. It might happen that Model 3 will have better sales than Model S.

Also in the study, 20 % of current Tesla owners with reservations are not sure if they will purchase a car and 7% of them chose the options “unlikely” and “very unlikely”.

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