Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 will launch early October

We have already heard that Windows Phone 7 will launch in UK some time during October. Now, according to the folks over at Pocket-Lint Windows Phone 7 will get an early October launch and they will release the new mobile OS along with handsets from ASUS, HTC, Dell, LG and Samsung.

Personally, I am really interested in Windows Phone 7 and I really want to get my hands on it as soon as possible. So, far it looks like a decent mobile operating system. I know it still has a few things missing but then I am expecting them to arrive with future software updates.

Also, if the entire gaming scenario on the Windows Phone 7 does work out, it would definitely come along with Android and iOS in no time. However, I don’t really want to make any speculations, so let us wait till we get to try one of these devices.

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