Microsoft Offers Huge Xbox One X $200 Discount to Fans

Xbox One X, also known as the most powerful gaming console ever built is now available for pre-orders. Worth mentioning is that even though Microsoft is already receiving pre-orders, the console will start shipping on November 7th. Nonetheless, this looks like it’s going to be a great year for Microsoft and that it might also be the first time that Microsoft is able to say that its console is superior to Sony’s PS4.

XboX One X $200 Discount

The highly powerful console can be pre-ordered for the price of $499 and while this might sound a little bit too expensive, Xbox fans should be happy to know that they can get a huge discount that goes up to $200. They way in which Xbox fans can benefit from this price cutoff is by trading in their older Xbox One when they decided to pre-order the new console.

Numerous reports are saying that fans who turned in their Xbox One S 1TB Edition have received $200 discounts. On the other hand, Microsoft is willing to offer a $100 discount for the standard Xbox One model. However, the best thing about this deal is that fans aren’t forced to turn their older console as soon as they type in the pre-orders. They only need to trade it in when Xbox One X starts shipping (November 7th).

Xbox One X Features

Many people are complaining that Microsoft is asking too much money for Xbox One X. However, they couldn’t be more wrong since Microsoft doesn’t ask $500 for nothing. Xbox One X is the first console to offer true 4K gaming which completely changes how games look into the better. In fact, many third-party developers are already working on enhanced games which will help highlight Xbox One X’s true hardware power. Last but not least, Xbox One X is capable of doing anything that the older console is able to do. Therefore, turning it in for a $200 discount doesn’t sound that bad.

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