Microsoft lets you make your own Windows Phone app with Windows Phone App studio

Well, if you have a great app idea but not the technical skill to code one then things just got a lot easier. You can now create your own Windows Phone app with a lot of ease using Microsoft’s new web-based tool called Windows Phone App Studio.

This is an interesting launch from Microsoft as it will help build up the Windows Phone app ecosystem which is not that impressive when compared with Android and iOS. It sure seems like a good way to promote development for the platform.

The App Studio has been designed in a way where one can create an app by applying text, web content, images and design concepts to the already exiting customizable templates.

One needs to first log in to their Microsoft account to start creating the app. Then you can choose a template and add the desired content. Once the app is ready, you can download the app on your phone for further testing on an actual device, before publishing it. To simply the developer phone registration process, Microsoft will allow any developer to register one phone and load up to two apps.

Registered developers can use up to three phones for app testing which have the capability to load up to ten apps. To publish a new app the developer will new a Dev Center account and Microsoft is now offering a limited time offer for registering for just $19 as a part of their ‘Summer Break’ program which is open till August 26.


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