Major Xbox One User Interface Update Arrives

Microsoft is doing a great job of launching a constant stream of updates to Xbox One which are especially designed to improve user experience. As every Xbox One owner probably remembers, Microsoft decided to overhaul the console’s entire user interface back in March. That update was great and it brought Xbox One’s user experience to the next level but now it looks like Microsoft is not stopping there because another major user interface update has just arrived.

User Interface Update

The main focus of this update is to completely revamp the Home screen and to enhance its customization, speed and expression. The first thing that we can notice in this update is that Xbox One’s new user interface looks quite different in terms of aesthetics when compared to the previous on. Moreover, the Home screen now features a cool bar which gives users the ability to simply jump back to what they were previously doing.

My Game and Apps

Another great that feature that’s been introduced with his update is the My Games and Apps link. The relocation of this button is quite great because it makes everything easier to access for users. Furthermore, the My Games and Apps section shows everything that’s installed in the designated Xbox One console alongside previous played games.

Microsoft Statement

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but there is a never-ending war between Xbox One and PS4. This is what’s motivating Microsoft’s developers to keep working on new updates, features and so on. Mike Ybarra, who is a Microsoft official employee stated the following in regards to this new update: “The team is always pushing to make the Xbox experience faster and faster. In this release, we’ve eliminated the wait between Home, Social and my Games and Apps by consolidating them into one dashboard experience”. Nonetheless, this update is great and I bet Xbox One owners are more than happy to download it.

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