LG V30 Confirmed to Ship with P-OLED Display

LG is a company that’s known for using LCD technology when it comes to displays. Even though LCD panels are not bad by any means, the OLED ones have a slight advantage since they are able to recreate warmer colors and help preserve battery. In fact, the only complaint that LG fans had over the years is related to display technology. Fortunately, LG seems to have payed attention to its customer feedback and decided to equip the upcoming LG V30 phablet with a high-end OLED display.

OLED Display

This was completely unexpected, especially when taking in consideration that LG hasn’t meddled with OLED display technology since back in 2015 when G Flex 2 was launched. However, the fact that LG V30 will feature an OLED display is as official and we can be sure that fans are already getting enthusiastic about it.

Additional Features

LG didn’t only announce that LG V30 will ship with an AMOLED panel but it also decided to give everyone additional information regarding the display’s capabilities. First off, LG V30 will actually ship with a plastic OLED which is also known as P-OLED. This means that LG V30 will feature pixels on a plastic substrate that’s tougher and stranger than usual display glass. Moreover, the plastic substrate will be coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 thus enhancing it’s scratch and crack resistance.

Virtual Reality

The South Korean tech giant claims that this display is perfect for VR activities because it features a faster than normal response time. To make things even better, LG V30’s display will offer 148% more sRGB color space for traditional images and 108% DCI-P3 space for the camera. All of this combined will result in a great virtual reality experience. What’s interesting is that LG is finally going to be able to compete with Samsung by using this display but will LG V30 be able to defeat Galaxy S8?

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