League of Legends Upcoming Update Brings Five New Star Guardian Skins

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and the reason behind this is that Riot Games, the MOBA’s developer makes sure to keep players entertained by launching a constant stream of updates. These updates usually bring new game mechanics, balance changes but they also include new awesome skins.

Guardian Star Skins

Furthermore, Riot Games announced that League of Legend’s upcoming update will include not one but five new skins. To make things even better, Riot Games also announced that all of them will fit in the Star Guardian set. There are many skin sets in this game but the Star Guardian one is the coolest because it completely changes the way champions and their spell particles look. Nonetheless, here are the five champions which will receive these upcoming skins:

  • Ezreal;
  • Syndra;
  • Ahri;
  • Soraka;
  • Miss Fortune;

From what we can tell, Riot Games wanted to make sure that there’s a wide range of champions from which players can choose to purchase skins. Although, mid laners and ADC carries are the ones who benefit from this selection the most.

Custom Recall and Special Particles

As previously mentioned, the reason why League of Legends players love the Star Guardian set of skins is because it completely changes the way champions look. However, things get even better because these skins will also feature custom recall animations.

Sadly, we don’t know if these new skins will hit the PBE (public beta environment) or if they’ll be available only once the full update arrives. Also, worth mentioning is that every skin is going to cost 1,350 RP (riot points) which translates to $10. League of Legends players who are not looking to spend that much money on a skin should know that Riot Games usually offers discounts but that won’t happen anytime soon though.

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