iPhone 8 Will be Unveiled on September 12th According to Recent Leak

Apple has made it a tradition to always unveil its latest iPhone in September. Everyone is expecting that Apple will do the same thing with the highly anticipated iPhone 8 as well. However, we don’t have to rely only on rumors anymore since a French website recently leaked that iPhone 8 will in fact be unveiled on September 12th. Also, worth mentioning is that a large number of sources are confirming that Apple is preparing a big event for that date.

iPhone 8 September 12th Reveal

Taking in considering how much every media news outlet is talking about iPhone 8, it’s safe to say that this is the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Fortunately for Apple fans, the Cupertino based tech company couldn’t keep the unveil date a secret. Even though Apple might not be able to use the element of surprise anymore, this won’t affect iPhone 8’s sales percentages at all.

Furthermore, the French website that leaked this information is called “Mac4Ever” and it showed that it already started sorting out staff schedule and marketing campaigns in order to be ready for iPhone 8’s reveal in advance. This leads us to believe that Apple sent out confirmation that September 12th is the official date to them.

Smart Marketing Move

Another important factor that makes September 12th a perfect reveal date for iPhone 8 is the fact that the IFA event which takes places in Berlin will be over by then. In case you didn’t know, companies such as Sony and LG like to reveal their flagship smartphones during the IFA event. The reason why launching iPhone 8 on September 12th is a smart marketing move is because it means that Apple will avoid any unnecessary competition against Sony and LG. Nonetheless, September is just around the corner and we’re days away from seeing iPhone 8 in its full glory.

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