iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Incredible Feature

Samsung launched Galaxy S8 a couple of months ago and the reason why this is important for Apple fans is because it raises the standard bar for iPhone 8. Apple is slated to refresh its iPhone lineup during September and everyone is enthusiastic about it because the Tim Cook, the company’s CEO announced that iPhone 8 is going to be revolutionary.

iPhone 8 Leaks

The smartphone is said to ship with a bunch of unique and innovative features which will put other smartphones to shame. However, Apple is doing a good job of keeping its mouth shut and not revealing any important information about iPhone 8. Fortunately for us, leaksters managed to get their hands on vital information regarding iPhone 8 such as the fact that it will be equipped with an edge-to-edge display that’s similar to Samsung’s Infinity panel.

Face ID

Nonetheless, the reason we are talking about Apple and iPhone 8 today is because leaksters actually managed to find out something very important about Apple’s upcoming flagship. As many might already know, iPhone 8 was rumored to feature a Touch ID button which will be embedded under the display. Well, this rumor proved to be false since an Apple insider is claiming that iPhone 8 will actually ship with a “Face ID” system.


Apple has made it very clear that it puts a high price on user security and iOS’s biggest strengths is that it’s basically uncrackable by hackers. However, Apple is now taking it to the next level with this “Face ID” system. The reason why I am saying this is because facial recognition tech is capable of storing and capturing a lot more data points than a normal fingerprint scan does. This feature will certainly make iPhone 8 one of the most secure smartphones ever made.

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