iPhone 8 and Galaxy S9 Won’t Feature Integrated Fingerprint Sensors According to KGI Analyst

Apple’s iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year. There are many reasons to why iPhone 8 is expected to be so special but the most important one of them is that it will be something entirely different from what we’re used to see from Apple’s iPhone lineup. The upcoming flagship smartphone is expected to take the market by storm with its innovative and impressive features such as a new OLED edge-to-edge display.

Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

One of the coolest features that every Apple fan is expecting to see on iPhone 8 is an integrated fingerprint sensor. There have been many rumors to indicated that Apple wants to install a Touch ID sensor beneath an OLED display and there couldn’t be a better opportunity to use this technology than now, especially since Samsung failed to bring this cool feature on Galaxy S8.

Sadly, the KGI Securities Analyst known as Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting that Apple doesn’t actually have the necessary technology to pull this feature off. Worth mentioning is that Ming-Chi Kuo has a good record of predicting upcoming Apple devices and features.


Even though Galaxy Note 8 hasn’t even been launched, leaks and rumors about Galaxy S9 already started pouring in. One of the most intriguing rumors surrounding Galaxy S9 is that it won’t feature an integrated fingerprint sensor. The reason why Samsung doesn’t want to meddle with integrated fingerprint technology is because Apple is not putting any pressure.


Despite popular belief, there are many companies which managed to integrate a fingerprint sensor beneath the display but only on concept smartphones though. In fact, even Qualcomm itself announced that it will launch a new display fingerprint recognition technology during the upcoming future. However, the reason why neither Apple nor Samsung want to rush into this thing is because if it doesn’t work properly, they might put user security at jeopardy.

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