iOS 11 Will Bring iPad Pro Up to Par with Laptops

Apple’s latest iPad Pro lineup was marketed as a hybrid tablet that is more than capable of going head on against laptops. This is why it was equipped with Apple’s own A10X Fusion chipset that’s bundled with 4GB of RAM. Even though the iPad Pro lineup is impressive in terms of specs, it still doesn’t have the necessary software to take on laptops. Fortunately, now that iOS 11 is almost here, things are going to change.

iOS 11

The reason why we strongly believe that iOS 11 is ready to come out is because Apple has done something completely uncharacteristic of it. The Cupertino based tech company recently launched six new iOS 11 feature videos which show how much it will improve iPad Pro’s capabilities. The reason why this is uncharacteristic of Apple is because the operating system is still in beta and Apple always shies away from advertising beta software.

Essential Features

According to Apple’s short iOS 11 teasers, the new operating system will bring some essential features to iPad Pro. The hybrid tablet’s multi-tasking experience will be completely enhanced since iOS 11 will bring in a new desktop-style dock which allows drag and drop actions. This is great news for iPad Pro owners who enjoy working on their tablets since their productivity will be increased.

Launch Date

Even though Apple already started teasing and advertising iOS 11, it still didn’t announce an official launch date. However, we can be sure that the new operating system will be unveiled during September when the highly anticipated iPhone 8 will come out of the shadows. Furthermore, iPad Pro will still ship with iOS 10 but it can be easily upgraded to iOS 11 through a simple and free OTA (over the air) update. Nonetheless, its great seeing that Apple wants to live up to its promise and to make iPad Pro worthy of competing against laptops.

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