Humble Bundle 3 now available for Android, OS X, Linux and Windows

Humble Bundle has rocked us in the past and once again it is out with a bunch of classic indie games to get you addicted. This time around the bundle includes BIT.TRIP BEAR, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, Uplink and Spirits.

Just like with the past bundles, you can set your own price for the bundle and further decide how you want your money to be divided amongst the developers and the two charities which include Child’s Play and EFF. While the first four games are available for any price you set, Spirits is the game for which users will have to pay slightly more than the average price.

All the games can be redeemed on Steam and are available across Windows, Android, Linux and OS X. Additionally, you also get to download each game’s official sound track with the purchase.

[youtube id=”HBg-MYObmas” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If interested then you can check the full list of supported devices here, and you purchase it over at the Humble Bundle website.

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