HTC Vive VR Headset Receives a $200 Discount

HTC Vive is now available for purchase for the price of $599 which means that it has been cut down by $200. This is a huge discount and the only reason why HTC is doing it is because it wants to make it more appealing towards customers to purchase accessories. HTC doesn’t only rely on the Vive headset to make profits since it also offers a bunch of other VR accessories such as the Vive Tracker which also went on sale last month.

HTC Vive Price Drop

This huge price drop is leading experts to believe that HTC wants to stop manufacturing anymore Vive headsets and just wants to clear its stock in order to make room for a new device. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong about this since Vive US General Manager Dan O’Brien went out and publicly stated that this isn’t the case. The US G.M. stated the following regarding Vive’s $200 discount: “We want to really significantly boost VR adoption across the globe. We think now is the right time to reset the price”.


The VR market sky rocketed a couple of years ago and every other major tech company wanted a piece of the cake. However, Vive’s only real competition is Oculus Rift and what’s interesting is that now HTC dropped the price, these two devices cost the same. Oculus Rift’s price was also cut down by $200 but this happened back in March.

Upset Customers

While this might sound hard to believe, customers are actually hesitant to purchase HTC Vive. The reason why this is happening is because people live with the impression that they will always need to keep on upgrading the device’s elements with accessories. Dan O’Brien stated the following in regard to this issue “We don’t want users to feel like they’re always having to be [up-sold] into new hardware. We do want to make sure that things that we make around the Vive today continue to work with it”.

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