Google Release Chrome 14.0.835.35 with Native Client Framework

Google has released a beta version of Chrome 14 that includes its Native Client (NaCl) framework. It will allow for complex applications to run within the web browser. Previously only Javascript was able to be run within Chrome. The latest NaCl addition means that C and C++ code can be run from within the web browser natively, by allowing C or C++ code to be compiled into a neutral binary which can be executed by the browser. Google has been developing NaCl framework since 2008.

Google released Chrome 14 at the end of last month. It brought along a number of very subtle changes including the Language Translator, Password Saver and Location Tracker Bars. Elsewhere Google improved HTTP support in several ways, added updates to the V8 JavaScript engine to version, and tightened security when installing Web apps from the Chrome Web Store. All these tweaks certainly improved the browsing experience to a certain extent. Another notable improvement is the added Mac OS X Lion support. However the NaCl is clearly an important addition to the existing release.

The NaCl framework will take in-browser games and browsers to another dimension. The development is also crucial to the success of Google’s Chrome operating software which is solely reliant on in-browser operation. Furthermore it offers an alternative to Microsoft’s relatively insecure ActiveX. Its complex sandboxing techniques ensure that it remains safe.

Previous attempts at implementing NaCl experienced compatibility problems. However the 64-bit support and experimental ARM compatibility included in the latest release signifies the progress made by Google. The release indicates the introduction of NaCl into the mainstream. Google is trying effortlessly in attempts to realize NaCl as mainstream. It has been fully open up to developers in the hope that they will include the technology for future apps.

Chrome is hoping to become the leading platform for high-performance apps by combining C and C++ code with the capabilities of HTML 5. Google confirmed the set of interfaces known as Pepper offer C and C++ bindings for HTML5. With the further announcement of the e Web Audio API, which will bring advanced audio capabilities to the Chrome browser, Google is keen to make sure developers are not restricted by limitations of browsers.

Other less substantial additions added to latest Chrome release include Additional Mac OS X Lion feature support, Sync Encryption for all data, Print Preview on Mac, Experimental Web Request extension API and Experimental Content Settings extension API.

Google is going for all out development at a phenomenal rate, with Chrome 15 and 16 expected very shortly. Despite Google’s efforts, Chrome still has a number of critics that have suggested that it fails to perform.

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