Google Pixel Lineup has the Upper Hand Against Apple’s iPhone with this Neat Storage Trick

Even though every major tech company launches new smartphones every year, they are still basically separated in two categories: Android and iOS. The operating system and its features are what make smartphones essential items to our everyday lives. Apple and Google are the parents of these two operating systems and they are competing against each other on a daily basis.

In order to keep one-upping each other, Apple and Google launch new updates that are packed with features every other week. Even though both operating systems are highly optimized, Android seems to lead this race. The reason behind this is that Google puts a high price on user experience and almost all of its updates are designed towards enhancing that.

Storage Trick

For example, Google’s Pixel smartphone lineup will have the hand over Apple’s iPhones because they be equipped with an innovative storage feature. Android 8.0 O is scheduled to be rolled during the upcoming months and Google confirmed that it will feature a special storage trick which makes it possible to stream updates.

Streaming Updates

This new feature is really awesome because it doesn’t force Pixel owners to delete their valuable pictures and videos in order to install Android 8.0 O. What’s going to happen is that Pixel smartphones will run on System A while the update will seamlessly install itself on System B. The only thing that Pixel owners need to do is to perform a restart and System B will automatically become the device’s operating system.

Furthermore, Google announced that Android 8.0 O is “basically” going to weigh in at 100KB worth of internal storage space instead of the 1GB space updates usually require. Nonetheless, this is a great feature and Pixel owner are surely more than enthusiastic to receive it. Also, Apple needs to step up its game if it still wants to keep competing against Android.

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