Google Gender Discrimination Scandal Shocks the World

Google is known for being a “good” company that cares about its employees but a recent scandal over gender discrimination makes us rethink that. Right now, there are more than 60 women who are looking to sue Google because they are getting payed less than men who have the same work qualifications as them.

Class-Action Lawsuit

Numerous reports are showing that more than 60 women are considering pursuing a class-action lawsuit against Google over pay disparities which affect women. James Finberg, who is a civil rights attorney has announced that he is working on finding a legal basis for these women. The attorney went on and publicly stated that he interviewed over half of the women who are being affected by Google’s wage disparities and said that their allegations will be recognized in court.

Google Denies Everything

Google doesn’t want to take any responsibility over this matter and it denies everything. The Silicon Valley company announced that it doesn’t take gender into consideration when hiring employees and that these allegations are false. However, some of these women are claiming that they only get paid two thirds of a man’s wage. This means that they make $40,000 less than a man who has the same qualifications.

Software Engineer Leak

This all started when one of Google’s software engineers, who is a man by the way, decided to leak a ten-page manifestation in which he talked about Google’s pay disparities. Google took this is as a direct insult and fired the author.

Google Statement

In order to show that Google acknowledges that this is happening, an official spokesperson stated the following: “Sixty people is a really small sample size. There are always going to be differences in salary based on location, role and performance, but the process is blind to gender”. What the spokesperson is trying to imply is that women’s wages are mainly affected by their country’s economy.

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