Google Announces that Android 8.0 Will Use the Oreo Brand

As every true Android fan already knows, Google is getting ready to start rolling out a new operating system. We are talking about Android 8.0 which is also known under the fairly simple codename “O”. Regarding the operating system’s codename, many people started speculating that it stands for Oreo since it’s a delicious sweet that fits in Google’s operating system naming pattern (Nougat, Kit Kat, Marshmallow). Google did a great job of keeping its mouth shut about Android 8.0’s name. However, that ended last night when the Android parent publicly announced that its upcoming operating system will be known as Oreo.

Android 8.0 Oreo

The announcement took place at the height of the day’s solar eclipse in New York. What’s even more interesting is that Google chose to hold an eclipse viewing event in New York’s 14th Street Park which is really close from the bakery that first started cooking Oreos. Even though Google took its sweet time to confirm Android 8.0’s name, we can be happy that it finally decided to announce it and stop fans from speculating any further.

Co-Branding Partnership

One of the reasons why people weren’t fully sold on the idea that Android 8.0 will be known as Oreo is because they believed Google would have to pay a fee to Mondelez, the company that’s in charge of Oreo. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong since Google doesn’t have to pay a single dime to use the cookie’s name. In fact, Valerie Moens who is an official spokesperson for Oreo stated the following: “This is just a pure co-branding partnership”.

Special Projects

Valerie Moens didn’t stop at telling the entire world that Google isn’t paying anything to the company since she also announced that Mondelez is scheduled to partner up with Google and create a bunch of global events. One of these events will include a drone that flies and projects an image of the new Android Oreo hero.

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