Fitbit Wants to Win Over the Smartwatch Market with Ionic

Fitbit is one of the first companies to get involved with wearable technology. As its name implies, the company has been mainly focused on fitness trackers. In fact, Fitbit revolutionized the fitness tracker industry with its amazing devices. However, time has come for Fitbit to delve into the smartwatch business. Even though other companies such as Apple and Samsung have been meddling with smartwatches for these past few years, Fitbit still has a high chance of conquering the market because its brand is worldwide recognizable.

Fitbit Ionic

Ionic is Fitbit’s first true smartwatch and it will cost $299.5 when it launches in October. Right from the start we can notice that the price is quite expensive, especially when put in comparison with Apple Watch Series 1 which costs $269. Although, Ionic is still cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 2. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at what Ionic has to offer and see if it stands a chance against the likes of Apple and Samsung.


Fitbit recently revealed that Ionic is built out of a special aluminum case. Using this material is a great choice from Fitbit’s part since aluminum is very light and durable at the same time. Furthermore, the smartwatch will feature antennas for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Also, worth mentioning is that Ionic’s back case uses an angled, tapered design that makes it easier for back sensors to take information from the owner’s wrist. Last but not least, Ionic will ship with a curved spherical glass lens display.

New Operating System

Ionic will run on Fitbit’s own operating system and this will certainly give it an edge over Apple and Samsung. The operating system will give Ionic a different type of vibe and it will make it quite special than what we’re used to see. Moreover, Fitbit’s operating system makes it easier for developers to optimize their apps since it features an SDK built on Javascript and SVG web standards.

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