Facebook Finds Way Around China Ban with New Colorful Balloons App

China is the most populated country in the world having 1.379 billion residents as a poll from 2016 shows, and this is why every major tech company tries to enter the market. However, Chinese officials know how important their numbers are and they ban many devices and apps from entering the country. In fact, even Hollywood has problems releasing movies in China since the government is not that keen on foreign culture.

Facebook and WhatsApp Banned in China

Even though this might sound surprising, Facebook is one of the companies that has problems when it comes to China. Facebook is biggest social media platform in the world and the only thing that keeps it from getting even bigger is the fact that it is banned in China. Facebook and WhatsApp have both been banned from running in China since July 2008. However, Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook doesn’t give up so easily.

Colorful Balloons

It seems like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t take no for an answer since he and his company secretly developed an app under the name “Colorful Balloons”. This app doesn’t feature the Facebook brand and Mark Zuckerberg has been very cautious about his ties with it. Nonetheless, the app basically mimics everything about Facebook’s “Moments” and it is used to share pictures with friends and family members.

The most interesting thing about Colorful Balloons is that it is compatible with “WeChat”, the Chinese version of Facebook. This means that Mark Zuckerberg has given up on bringing Facebook to China and that he is willing to partner up with different companies. Also, worth mentioning is that Facebook launched this new app through a local company that’s known as Youge Internet Technology. However, despite working with a bunch of different companies, Facebook still couldn’t hide its ties with Colorful Balloons

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