Facebook becomes India’s Number One Social Networking Site

This was very obvious and it was like everyone already knew that this would happen eventually. Finally, Facebook has taken over Orkut as the number one social networking sire in India. It has received over 20 million visits last month and the numbers are continuously on an increase.

These reports come from a global research firm known as comScore, Inc. and they have mentioned that;

“Facebook.com posted an especially strong month in July, growing 12 per cent versus June but 179 per cent up versus a year ago, to capture the top spot in the category with 2.09 crore visitors. Orkut ranked second with 1.99 crore visitors – up 16 per cent versus year ago.”

Social Networking is rapidly growing phenomenon in India there is an increasing amount on internet penetration and tens between 14 – 18 play a major role in Social Networking later followed by young adults and so on. India is currently the seventh largest market for social networking and over the past few years there has been an immense growth in the audience.

Apparently, it is not just Facebook or India, the growth of social networking is visible in various countries and through various website and it will soon become much more that we can imagine.

Also do you know that Facebook has opened up an office in Hyderabad, India?

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