Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will Come in a Single Xbox Disc

A lot of new Xbox 360 games are shipping in multiple discs, mainly due to the amount of the increasing size of the game which makes it impossible to fit it in a single DVD. Recent releases like L. A. Noire, Mass Effect 2 and other have shipped on multiple discs making it in a tiresome effort of getting up the couch and switching and inserting the next disc.

Well, this does not seem to be the same with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which many have all already expected to at least come in three discs. The good news is that the guys have managed to fit it inside a single disc as confirmed by Skyrim’s Art director, Matt Carofano. We really wonder how they managed to do this as Skyrim is a really huge game, with impressive graphics (as we have seen so far), over hundred hours of gameplay and over 70 voice actors.

Anyways, this sounds awesome and if you have any theory behind it, please leave it in the comments below. The game will be released on November 11.


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