Circle launches ARMOR a mechanical gaming keyboard for Rs. 2,199

Circle has launched its new mechanical gaming keyboard which it has designed for professional gamers. This new gaming keyboard is called ARMOR and it supports USB 2.0, has superior built quality and it is designed with PRT (Pica Tinny Rail) technology.

The Circle ARMOR features 10 anti-ghosting keys which can be used for better in-game control, it has conventional dual touch key function and three-grade back-lit keys with intelligent adjustments. Apparently it sports a military mechanical design and mechanical axis hot keys.

Apart from this the keyboard features easy multimedia controls along with a volume know on the keyboard. It also features four different configuration setting modes and a windows lock key to avoid those times when the start menu accidentally pops up. It certainly has all the key features one expects from a gaming keyboard.


While the Circle ARMOR is officially priced at Rs. 3,999 it is available online for as low as Rs. 2,199 and it comes with a three-year warranty. We are yet to use the device hence it is yet unclear about its drivers and in-game functionality.

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