Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car 2017 Test Drive Results Are In

Chevrolet Bolt has many fans and since the announcement made by the company in November 2016, the all-electric 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is now available with amazing features. The EV offers 238 miles of range using the full electric charge. The Chevrolet Bolt Electric car was named the Green Car Journal’s Car of the Year (2017) and the rivals were also very famous brands such as BMW 330e iPerformance, Toyota Prius Prime, Kia Optima and Chrysler Pacifica.

Features of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car

The model comes with a 238 miles zero-emission driving range and it has the first electric battery to achieve more than 200 miles driving range. Another reason why Green Car Journals declared the Chevrolet Bolt the winner is its elegant design, enjoyable driving dynamics and plenty of technology aboard. For example, the Bolt’s Regen-On-Demand is a feature which allows the driver to slow down without using the brake pedal by using the steering wheel paddle.

The EV’s cabin has a 10.2-inch touch screen along with an 8.0-inch digital gauge cluster (driver-facing). The vehicle also has a Wi-Fi feature, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G LTE. These technological features are definitely a plus for all of us.

Final conclusions on the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car

The EV has impressive features and one of the main attractions is the one pedal driving. This feature helps to transfer energy to the battery. While driving in Low mode, a driver can make a complete stop just by lifting his-her foot off the accelerator. The less use of brakes improves range. However, drivers need to use the brake pedal when they need to stop immediately. This feature is explained in detail in the EV manual on the sections One-Pedal Driving and Regen on Demand.

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