BMW i3 with Face Lift is Tesla Model 3 Sedan’s Biggest Competition

Tesla’s new Model 3 Sedan has been the most talked about subject in the automobile world these past few weeks. The all-electric car costs only $35,000 and everybody wants one. Other automobile companies such as BMW are seeing this and they want to copy Tesla’s success as well. This is why BMW started redesigning its i3 all-electric car. The bug-like electric vehicle is receiving a complete makeover that’s going to give it an edge over Tesla’s new Model 3 Sedan.

BMW i3 Makeover

The German car manufacturer launched BMW i3 back in 2013 and while there was a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the all-electric car, it failed to meet expectations. The car was priced at $44,450 which quite expensive and it also features a weird looking bug-like design. BMW paid close attention to the feedback it received from its customers and decide to give i3 a face lift.

BMW i3 now features a wider track and elongated front end which got rid of the bug-like design. Moreover, the back is more rounded now and the roof slopes slightly towards the rear. BMW hopes that these small but significant appearance changes will make i3 look more appealing towards customers.

Boosted Speed

Another important change that customers will notice at the new redesigned i3 is that its speed will be boosted. BMW announced that starting November, there will be a sporty version of the car that’s able to run at a top speed of 100 miles which translates to 160 km per hour. Finally, we need to mention that BMW i3 will feature an optional driver assistance system. This is a direct blow to Tesla who also equips its cars with a similar system. Furthermore, i3’s driver assistance system is a great feature to have since it comes with adaptive cruise control.

One thought on “BMW i3 with Face Lift is Tesla Model 3 Sedan’s Biggest Competition”

  1. So, this big BMW competitor starts out half a foot narrower,over two feet shorter, runs about 30 MPH slower, and costs nearly ten grand more. Elon must be totally scared out of his mind over what a face lift might do for it.

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